Sliding doors

Not only for the industrial, but also for private use, our sliding door installation have proven their worth multiple times. They comprise a robust and elegant construction, which can comply with any of our customer’s needs by ranging from a classical to a modern visual appearance. Our design engineers make sure to fulfill the safety-related requirements at all times. The employment of high-quality materials and components guarantee an outstanding longevity for our clients.

  • electrical drive for sliding gate
  • self-supporting sliding gate type FST
  • self-supporting sliding gate type FST-L
  • rolling sliding gate type RST
  • accessories in pieces or mounted

Swing Gates

Our swing gates are the most reliable contribution to secure entries and exits. No matter if ran manually or automatically, they ensure an easy access for its own staff and complicate the unwanted access by third parties.

Customer-specified production are realized with gentleness of high quality by our qualified staff. It will not pose any difficulty in case you have any special design requirements. We will perform a static testing and only then manufacture and color-coat so that the functionality and durability of this useful investment can be assured.

  • Electrical drive for swing gates
  • Industrial screen mat gate
    • single-leafed (IGTE)
    • double-leafed (IGTZ)
    • industrial gate with vertical tubes
    • single-leafed (ISTE)
    • double-leafed (ISTZ)
  • industrial wave grid gate
    • single-leafed (IWTE)
    • double-leafed (IWTZ)
  • combination –> universal purpose gate
    • single-leafed (KTE)
    • double-leafed (KTZ)
  • light screen mat door (LGT)
  • standard screen mat gate (SGT)
  • standard wave grid gate (SGT)
    • one-winged (STE)
    • dipterous (STZ)
  • tennis gate
  • decorative gate
    • one-winged (ZUTE)
    • dipterous (ZUTZ)
  • accessories in pieces or mounted

Post systems

  • hollow profile posts
    • type DSP
    • type DSPK
    • type DSPL
    • type DSP
    • type KSP
    • type GPB
    • type UPP
  • fence posts
    • with tension wire holder
    • fixed lenghts
  • struts
  • meshed tie rods
  • Z-posts
  • accessories in pieces or mounted

Fence systems

Our stable and high-quality fence systems are a cost-efficient enclosure of properties. Because of our product diversity, any need for security can be taken into account. An appropriate color application of your liking will upgrade your property and improves the visual impression of any object. Our production set-up enables to comply with these requirements on fence systems at any time.

  • Screen mats
    • U-profile-mats (UPM)
    • Double bar grate mats (DSM)
    • Double bar grate mats (DSML 5)
    • U-profile decoration mats (USM)
      • check
      • ring
      • ball
      • spikes
      • check-spikes
    • decoration mats SM1, SM2
  • Element fences
    • type FU
    • type FRÜ
    • type FQÜ
    • type FZ
  • Wire netting
    • wire mesh
    • hingejoint fencing
  • allowances and accessories

Other products

  • manual turnstile DKR
  • natural stone wall gabion type NSW
  • mailbox pillar type BKS